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Reload Thread: is this going to be good???

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    is this going to be good???

    hey guys... you may remember me from a few weeks ago
    looking to upgrade my system...

    well i started... kinda out of nowhere my next door neighbor
    was selling his

    memphis 16-MC1000D amp for 250.00

    i had ridden in the car with it hooked up to his JL 12" with
    a capacitor and you could push it so hard that you couldnt
    breathe in the car...

    so i bought it... and hooked it up to my JBL speakers in a
    sealed box...

    now i know a guy whose offering me 2 JL W3's for 200.00

    would the memphis, JL's in a sealed box sound good??? right
    now i can totally tell my speakers are not handling this amp...

    what about a capacitor...??? did i get a good price on the amp???
    how about the subs???


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    Re: is this going to be good???

    just make sure you have a 1 ohm load to get the max out of the amplifier. it should sound good, if the box is within the specs of the woofers.

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    Re: is this going to be good???

    make a ported box for whatever speakers you are getting. it might break some windows.
    this is the thing you have;

    * 1100 X 1 @ 1ohm Class D Subwoofer Amplifier
    * Full MOSFET Design
    * Built-In Fully Variable Low Pass Crossover
    * 18dB Per Octave Crossover Slope
    * Built In Fully Variable Sub-Sonic Filter
    * Platinum Finish Wire Connections
    * Accepts 4 Gauge Power and Ground Wire
    * Wired Remote Gain Control Included

    you want to hook the speakers into 1 ohm (to get 1100 watts ~550 per sub) and you will want them ported.

    i dont know anything about JL subs really. but two RE 12" XXX's will POUND ported ~30hz and a few cubes with that amp i would imagine.

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    Re: is this going to be good???

    hmm a capicator

    Headunit- Alpine CDA 9835
    Fronts - Infinity Kappa 5.25 component
    Rear- JBL 6x8
    Subs- 2 kicker s12l7's
    Sub amp- Hifonics 1500d
    Speaker amp - 4x50 audiobahn trash
    Wires - Big 3, 1/0 knuconceptz
    Custom Box- 4.6 cu ft tuned to 30hz

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