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Reload Thread: The pioneer premier DEH-940MP

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    The pioneer premier DEH-940MP

    I'm currently considering buying a 940. Here are a few features could you please tear them apart and confirm/deny the dealer numbers. Also give personal opinions on how each feature works if you liked/disliked.

    I've been looking for a HU with a 10+ band eq, 3 way crossover for front/rear/sub, independent sub level, aux in, bbe, 3 pre outs, and mp3 cd/r/w support.

    From my research I couldnt find a single alpine, kenwood, or clarion that had all of these features. I am trying to integrate the crossover and eq because of space concerns (normal cab truck with 2 amps already under seats). Any other ideas that would meet these specs?

    Thanks for your input, hopefully this will not only answer my question but serve as a good reference for other people looking at pioneer products!

    Mosfet 50x4 (I doubt this is really 50x4, anyone have a real #?)
    --Is the built in amp fully defeatable?

    Built in DSP With pro mode
    --13 band graphical EQ +- 12db
    --Selectable loudness control low/mid/high/off

    Auto EQ (does this work pretty well or is it hype?)
    BBE +- 4 (is this bbe the same as the alpine bbe setup?)
    Three way crossover Pro mode (how good is the crossover compared to standalone units)
    Auxilary input (anyone tried hooking up a mp3 player to this bad boy?)
    Hi-volt RCA Preouts (x3 pair, Front, Rear & Sub) (6V) (are these really 6v each?)
    MP3 cd/cdr/cdrw playback. (how long are delays between songs, quality?)

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    I've got this deck, and yes its the 940 and not the 9400.
    Don't pay anymore than about $650 or so for it, you can get screwed paying retail, $900+.

    This HU has everything that you say it does. The peak power is 50 x 4, but the rms is 22 x 4.
    You get a lot more flexibility with this deck if you put it in NETWORK mode instead of STANDARD mode. The switch is near the back, so you'll want to do it before you install it. Standard gives you a high pass front, high pass rear and low pass sub setting from 50hz - 125hz. While Network gives you 4 speakers ranges to choose from.

    One high pass for the high range speaker, 1.6khz - 16khz.

    Two for mids, high pass 1.6khz - 16khz; and low pass, 31.4hz - 200hz.

    And low pass for low range speaker, 31.5hz - 200hz.

    All slopes go up to 12 dB/oct, while the high pass for mids and low pass for lows goes to 18 dB/oct.
    Haven't tried the mp3 or aux features yet. I think the BBE is the same as Alpine, which is nothing more than a distortion generator with a cute name.

    I don't feel like typing anymore, if you can get this deck it's well worth the money.

    I'm never wrong, EVER! Just ask me.

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