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    cd player *****

    ok, i have bought a new jensen cd player...and i've only had it about 3 months, i got my subs and everything hooked up, they were hitting hard too, then all a sudden, all the sound in my car just stop. i have no clue what happened, but i'm positive it's something inside the cd player, because if i take another stereo and put it in, the factory speakers work but not the subs....what happened?!

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    Firstly a little more info about what happened. You say that when you install a new head unit (HU) that everything works but the subs. Is there a sub pre-out on the other HU? Also, what happens to your old HU when you try to power it up?

    Could be a fuse, could be the wiring, could be an internal HU amp/pre-amp.

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