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    Icon32 Preventing Theft

    Well the car finally has the Eclipse CD8454 in there along with some Infinity speakers.

    Now the issue is....what's the best way to conceal this or protect it from being stolen? I don't have the car here yet but even my mom told me that when the guy was installing it, he told her that he also had the same Eclipse stereo and it had been stolen once, but he got a new one for free because of the warranty.

    Are there any ingenious products out there that can answer this?

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    Re: Preventing Theft

    #1) engage your esn on the deck(why not do it?)
    #2) keep a low profile----if you show off your system and crank it around where you live, you put yourself at increased risk. Also, don't put any stickers on your car. I have seen countless posts from people who had their systems stolen "1 day after putting it in."....that tells me they just had to crank the system everywhere, near they live, and show it off to everybody.

    I have owned 4 eclipse ESN decks in the past 10 years with zero theft issues. The local shop(eclipse dealer for 11-12 years) has NEVER filed a theft claim for a customer who had their eclipse stolen, either.

    LOW PROFILE!!!!!

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    Re: Preventing Theft

    viper responder 2-way- cross your fingers, dont flaunt your shyt and avoid parking in ****** areas- everything else is out your hands

    rainbow....homemade sounds best
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    Re: Preventing Theft

    don't drive a stereotypical vehicle...even though my van looks like a porcupine from the antennas on it, nobody would suspect it to hold the audio equipment it does...

    no stickers help, as well...

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