Ok so I bought a new headunit (Kenwood DDX9705S), replacing a Pioneer HU I got two years ago. And I already have the Volkswagen wiring harness in my 2009 Jetta, it has the special ignition turn-off to the radio. Expensive I paid $100 for the harness.

I'm having it installed at a local shop. Because I don't have the knowledge or tools to do the job.

I went to Quality Auto Sound to get an estimate. They told me there was a $50 charge to "re-program" the new headunit. WTF is this?
Another strange thing they told me. I wanted two amps installed, a mono and a 4 channel. I wanted them both mounted in the trunk, on one of the fender wells vertically on a piece of wood. They told me that they couldn't do that because one side is the gas tank, and the other side was the fender well. They said they would have to mount them on the back seat. WTF is this?
Is Quality Auto Sound smokin crack? lol

When I had the Pioneer installed at CarToys, there was no extra charge for programming the ignition thingy.

My question is there any special thing about VW's that require programming?

Quality Auto Sound gave me a crazy quote for $400 just to install/swap a HU. I will probably end up just having CarToys do it.