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    Planning a new system

    I get my new Scion TC monday. I want to keep the factory mp3 pioneer deck and add some components and amp to get started.

    I'll need a LOC, Speakers, and Amp.
    Any suggestions on a LOC? I've heard that you only want to run a quality one, but who makes a quality one?

    Speakers. I'm leaning towards some CDT carbon fiber euroframes with the 560 crossovers. They are about $210 shipped. Other options would be focal polyglass. I'm really leaning towards the CDTs. Need to measure depth and stuff to see if they fit first.

    The thing I have no idea on is an amp. I would like to run a 2 channel amp, and no rear fill. Something in the range of 100x2 to 150x2. I'll run a seperate mono amp later to run a sub. Looking at hifonics, rockford, cadence, us amps, arc, us acoustics. Price range from $130-350. I'm not sure if spending extra on a "nicer" amp will even show up to my ears. Looking for a solid performer and something that is fairly compact if possable.

    I got to pick out a sub also. I want great sound quality and something that will play low. I had 2 RE8s in a sealed box before, and they were pretty **** good, but I want more than that. Space will be an issue. Probably .6-.8 cf.

    Help please.

    If anyone has an SRT4 or DSM, I could probably work out a trade for parts if someone has a car audio shop. I work for and we make performance parts for Dodge SRT4s and DSMs.

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    Re: Planning a new system

    i strongly recommend Arc to power to fronstage- these amps are "keepers" you will never
    feel the need to upgrade- they dont get any better or cleaner

    For $350 perhaps a CXL/XXK 2100 will do , but I suggest a lil' more to get the 4ch 4150- its amazing- you will never feel the need to upgrade- theres no such thing-its in a league of its own in SQ

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