I need some quick advice for what I need to buy to wire this up properly...This is a brief layout to help understand:

*Nice Pioneer deck powers interior speakers at 55watts each
*Head unit rca's wired to bridged amp powering 12" infinity sub
*Sub amp is Jensen 75x2 bridgable

Where Im stuck at is I am adding 6x9's to the mix and dont really know where to go from here. I am thinking of buying a cheap mono amp to power the sub and using the jensen 75watt amp on the 6x9's since its more logical. Where I get confused is what do I need to do in order to get the radio signal to the 6x9's? I do have another set of RCA's from the head unit. Do I need to just get somie kind of adapter that goes from RCA to speaker terminals and run the 6x9's from the RCA outputs?? I just dont know anything about crossovers or details on how to properly hook up the hard wiring to make the extra spakers work correctly. Just trying to make a shopping list and needed some help. Any & all comments are welcome and appreciated!