Hi, will be buying the items below.... in fact ordered...
Alpine 9835
Mb Quart qsd 216
Mb Quart pce 216
2 pair of 2 ch amp (pls recommend some budget buys)
Broke .....

Sound looking forward to is a crystal clear smooth sound hopefully with good tight bass. Listening to vocals, techno and eurobeat. Not sure if I'll be setting up the right thing? Please advise if possible, thanks!
Ride is a 2004 honda civic 4 door.
Alpine 9835 = headunit
QSD 216 = Front door speakers ( tweeter mounting at door panel slightly above the speaker and slightly angled towards passenger and driver )
PCE 216 = Rear door speakers (pls advise on tweeter mounting)
2 ch amp for the front speakers to maximise the full potential (please advise on the suitable amp power ratings)
2 ch amp for the rear? (do it make much difference as the front?)
Soundproofing all 4 doors.

Am i doing the right kind of setup for the sq looking forward to?
Please do advise pls... Thanks