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Reload Thread: Speaker Size causing bit problems...

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    Speaker Size causing bit problems...

    So I have the PHD 3 way.
    • 6.1 FB Pro woofer
    • AF 4.1 midrange
    • AF 1.C TW

    Sound incredible, problem is to get the incredible sound I need the mids and tweets on the dash or a pillars. And if you have seen the size of the 4.1 midrange you will instantly know my problem.

    I'm driving a Dodge Ram 1500 and they just do not fit no matter how you place them...

    So what would you do with the following 2 conclusions I have come up with?

    1. ditch the 4.1 midrange and replace with a FaitalPRO 3FE25 3" (Which just might fit in the a-pillar with the tweeter.

    2. ditch the tweeter and midrange alltogether and place a 3.5 coaxial which is sure to fit...

    What are the pros and cons... I'm running all active with DSP and plenty of amp.

    Do I stay with the components? or find a suitable 3.5 coaxial that will mount in the a-pillar?

    Open to ideas and suggestions?


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    Re: Speaker Size causing bit problems...

    A-pillar and/or dash speaker placement is not required for a great sound quality system. As you're finding, it's not practical with the drivers at hand with your particular vehicle. If you must put the speakers up high, consider changing the midrange to something smaller(as I just noticed you have as a conclusion).

    Some small midranges need a sealed enclosure to perform the best in their advertised bandwidth, especially for low end extension. An A-pillar is not likely to provide that air space the driver will require. So then you look at the dash, but then by nature a midrange placed in the dash is going to result in reduced stage width.

    What works well for me is to put a small midrange near the upper half of the door panels. You get good stage width, and with good tuning on a powerful DSP you should have the image up above the dash. Try to experiment with driver placement before you start cutting up panels. I imagine with a 4" midrange that's not the easiest thing to do because of the mass, but I bet you can figure something out.

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