First time poster, long time browser. I was hoping you guys could help me out a little bit and answer a few questions for me.

This past year I have put together 3 systems and Im not entirely happy with any of them. The problem I am facing is that all 3 of these systems are in open air environments. One is in a 4 door Rubicon with no top or doors, one is in a Arcticcat Wildcat 1000 and the other is my boat.

I can get plenty of treble and mids but the lows just sound terrible. I've tried free air subs and wanted to throw them in the lake. They sound blown to me, they rattle and pop and just don't have the kick I'm looking for.

Each system is comprised of D class amps and Rockford fosgate m262's/m282's. The mids and highs sound incredible with these and not willing to change them out.

My boat is a 40' Trojan Express cruiser. I have 4 M282's mounted low in the boat (ankle/calf height) and 4 M262's mounted shoulder height and in the radar arch along with 8 m262's in tubes firing front and back. These are all pushed by Infinity Kappa FOUR amps. Sound quality is excellent, volume is excellent but bass is severely lacking. I don't want to throw good money after bad so I thought I'd try to get some advice on what setup to go with before I dive into an irrepairable cutout in the boat.

On the helm seat there is an area that I could install a sub that would fire against the port side gunnel of the boat. From my understanding, the reason that so many subs in boats and open air setups sound bad is the sound has nothing to reflect off of. Correct me if I'm wrong on that. from the sub to the wall is 39".
Struggles with open air system-sub1.jpgStruggles with open air system-sub2.jpg

Since this area is almost entirely enclosed, all I would need to do is install a back wall in the sub box and fiberglass it in, creating a completely sealed enclosure.

I only have this ONE spot available to do anything with. My question is, what sub setup should I go with and how will it sound firing that far away from a wall? I have room for a single 15" or 2 10" subs. If I go with 2 10's, they will be so close together it would be nearly impossible to build a divider between them so they would share the same airspace within the box. Is that an issue?

I have been considering the L7 kicker 15 until I started reading the reviews on it. The sub will be protected from the sun and water for the most part due to the top on the boat. But that doesn't mean the occasional drink or boatwashing wont splash it, so that is a consideration as well..

Any advice?