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Reload Thread: Are there benefits to running Amps at 4Ohm?

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    Are there benefits to running Amps at 4Ohm?

    What are the benefits to running a class D Amp at 4 ohms other than to tone is down a bit to match your subs? Do subs sound better at 4ohms?

    If I have a 2400.1d amp

    2400x1 @ 1ohm
    1700x1 @ 2ohm
    850 x1 @ 4ohm

    and I have two 600 watt rms Dual 2 Ohm subs, I would want to run the amp at 2 ohms to put 850 watts to each sub correct?

    Would it be more beneficial to have 2 amps that run the subs at 4ohms? instead? Maybe purchasing a 3k rms amp and running it a 4ohms to put 600 watts rms to each sub in 4 ohm?

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    Re: Are there benefits to running Amps at 4Ohm?

    I believe the answer is yes, of what I've read in the forums, the higher the ohm load the better sq, but in subwoofers it's barely noticeable.
    But running at lower ohms you get way more output and power.

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    Re: Are there benefits to running Amps at 4Ohm?

    Efficiency can be a bit higher but I really doubt there's any noticeable difference in SQ.

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    Re: Are there benefits to running Amps at 4Ohm?

    benefits to running an amplifier with an 4~ load might be lower temperatures, increased longevity and decreased current flow

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