Well I'm rebuilding my 86 Corvette T-top and now I am getting to the interior. I pulled all of the old bose speakers out and the headunit. I have been thinking about what I wanted to do and now am sure that I do not want to take up space in the back with subs, but I still want to hear that bass. So I was thinking about doing some 8" component speakers in the front with 2 3-4" speakers in my B-piller that the T-top is connected to and either 2 6x9's in the back or another set of 2 8" speakers or 8" subs in the back holes.

Now I do want to ask a couple questions
1. I've heard about the cadence 6x9 600watt sub-6x9's.... are those just a marketing scheme or do those actually bang?
2. what would you suggest for a high quality 8" component speaker setup / 3-4" speaker / choice on speakers in the back?
3. and amplifiers to go with it?
4. The room for the headunit is pretty small but its close to a double din. Do any manufacturers make any aftermarket dash panels for this car or a "slim" double din to fit in this spot?

My budget is under 1200 for speakers / amplifiers.... I really want high quality equipment and anything to be preferably black to match the interior of the car.

Thank you for your help