My name is Justin and I'm getting back into stereos after 5 years and want to put a system in my 96 Integra. I need a little help in deciding a quality system at a reasonable price.

Background Info:
Last System 1998: 3 10" JL Audio W6s (I think that was the correct version) and a PPI PC 2150 in a 96 Honda Civic EX.

Before that 1997: 6 10" JL Audio W0s and PPI PC 2150 in a 93 Eagle Talon TSI.

I used to show and compete, but now just want something to listen to. I listen to all kinds of music, Classical, Rock, Alternative, Metal, Techno, Rap, etc.

Currently I have a Pioneer DEH-P9200R Head Unit and will use it to provide signal to the amps.

Things have changed a lot since I've been out but this is what I like and plan on using.
Alpine SWR-1021D 10" Dual 2-ohm Voice Coil ($90.00)
Hifonics Nemesis NX750D Mono Class D ($170.00)

If the amp ratings are true then it is to much power for the Alpine sub, but I would prefer to much power because of my tendency to want more. It's been a while since wiring systems and I have to look it up again but the DVC 2-ohm sub should be a 1-ohm load to the amp if wired properly correct?

I'm open to any suggestions as long as the price of the item is close to the price listed next to the item above. Weight is a slight concern and I would like to only use one sub either a 10" or 12", also if you could please tell me why you prefer A over B. I have owned components from lots of companies, Image Dynamic, JBL, Profile, Alpine, Sony, JL, Crossfire, PPI, SoundStream, Stinger, etc. and find the proper setup makes the system.