Hello fellow audio heads! So I have a 10th Anniversary edition 1999 Eclipse and had a alpine type e subwoofer in a Q-logic enclosure (0.6 cf) small for a single 10" but it worked. I recently bought a single 10" vented / ported subwoofer enclosure size is 1.22cf. My alpine type e subwoofer and box basically sounded like junk. After reviewing my subs specifications and figuring out the box dimensions I realized that the type e is for a sealed enclosure. Haha. Well trials of extending /blocking the (square ported box) ive hit the tuning by almost blocking the port off inside ( it had a 2'5" port entrance at the back of the box straight down the side.) Blocked it to only a 1/2" opening and layered the walls with stuffing. (Thin cover) . Well it responds to the crossover setting that my head unit has. Three settings, high,mid, low, and tuned my Amp's lp crossover, with +12 db "punch" setting. (I can go to +6 db or zero). I have bragging rights, it hits hard, plus can go low. The whole car vibrates nicely and forget the rearview mirror. My question is has anyone actually figured th trunk cu. To match a prefabricated enclosure to be (just right?) Be aware its a hatchback with foldown seats, and a flimsy deck plate. So its not really tight. Which way should I face the speaker? To the rear, or foward firing. (Speaker and port face same direction) or put it up firing towards the glass? Obviously I've tried a few combinations, but think it could be the right placement. Anyone have the same experience?