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Reload Thread: 3 jlaudio 13w6's vs 2 18" z's

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    3 jlaudio 13w6's vs 2 18" z's

    Ok so I am kinda the town I live in electronics pawn shop. No pawn shops in my town accept electronics so I run an add in the paper for pawn loans on all forms of electronics. Needless to say its usually a toothless meth head that shows up with some Sony xplode crap or Pyle 2000w subs or something like that but every now and then I get some good stuff.

    So yesterday a guy came in with 3 open box but otherwise new 13w6d4 (new version) subs . He started off at wanting a 1000$ for themwhich is reasonable but we ended up at 650$ for them.

    I am currently running 2 type x alpine 12's off of 2 ppi bk1800d amps in 2 ohm (1 amp per pair of sub) love the subs but I want more output so I was planning on getting another set so I can run the amps in 1 ohm and get about 900 rms per sub or getting a pair of dc lvl 4 18's or 2 sundown z 18's. The only reason I am running the 12" type x's is that I got the pair in a box for 150$ I have really been wanting to step into the 18" arena as I have run every size of sub from 8's to the old alumapro m16 16" woofers but never 18"s.

    My question/problem is that I am going to have to either get another sub and run them in pairs (2 on each amp) at 2 ohms which would be like 1100 rms for the pair or figure out a way to bi amp the three (is this possible?) I have seen strapable amps do this but the bk1800d is not strapable so how can this work.

    Choice 2 is that I can make somebody a smokin deal on the 3 w6's and just get the 18's what would you guys do?

    Thx for any input.

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    Re: 3 jlaudio 13w6's vs 2 18" z's

    Do you have the room for 4-18s?

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    Re: 3 jlaudio 13w6's vs 2 18" z's

    Quote Originally Posted by pickup1 View Post
    Do you have the room for 4-18s?
    SI HT18's? Or Obsidians? lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by sdmtnbiker420 View Post
    JL is for ballers. Theres a reason all the biggest rappers sing about JL, Zapco, Alpine..... and not Lightning audio or Pyle. It's all about the BALLER FACTOR.

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