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Reload Thread: Please Help, Rattling Problem

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    Icon7 Please Help, Rattling Problem

    Hey everyone, u guys were so helpful with my last question I would really appreciate it if I could get some advise on my new problem, my subs rattle my back hatch on my ford escape really bad, I've put dynamats all over the hatch and they definitely help but it still rattles,I guess my questions is how to I kill the remaining rattle, I think it actually might be the actuator that unlocks the car but I can't put anything on that because then I won't be able to unlock my trunk, like a said any help would be greatly appreciate especially since everyone on here seems to know so much, also is there any way to stop my rear door windows from rattling? Thanks a ton

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    Re: Please Help, Rattling Problem

    Replace all your windows with the same glass they use for monkey cages. I hate to say it, but you won't eliminate all the rattling in your car. Especially the windows.

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    Re: Please Help, Rattling Problem

    closed cell foam, expanding foam, weatherstrip foam and more foam!!! works wonders! Also, for the actuator, try to see if you can use electrical tape or something thin with a good cushion for it.

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