Need help narrowing down which subwoofer to purchase. Did a overhaul on electrical system and the amp that will be powering subwoofers will be 2 Hifonics BRZ 2100.1d Strapped or seperate or Single amp may be used. Ive narrowed it down to 3x SA-12D2, 3x Skar VVX-12d2, 2x 15 Kicker l7, 2x Memphis Mojo5d2, 3x memphis 12 M5. All subwoofers will be in a prefab enclosure as close to enclosure specs as possible. I KNOW I KNOW MAKE YOUR OWN FUKKING BOX. But i dont have the patience or time. In the future ill have a custom enclosure but right now I NEED BASS. My cap is set around $1200.00 for subs amps and enclosure excluding the current enclosure im using. ( If a 3 subwoofer is selected exclude enclosure in final price, O and current enclosure is a turbo bass box by probox i think 1.8 to 2.0 cubic ft. Have never heard any of these subs in person other then Mojo and L7. Im looking for quality subs, good sound quality but more into SPL. keep in mind will be making custom enclosure just need to find which will have a better output. if you are recommending a sub it has to be easily acquired and not a whole bunch of bullshit i dont know about like FI BTl or DD cuz i dunno what the **** to choose lol. All help is appreciated.