Hi All! My knowledge of car audio is limited so maybe you guys can explain something to me. I have a sweet little black 79 Camaro that I recently picked up. At some point it was converted for racing and has no system. I am not planning on racing or a full restore, just want to cruise around and take it to the park, beach, etc. I am not big on thumping base, just want something clear without a huge cost. Additionally, it would be nice when everyone is hanging out to turn up the tunes. However, without lots of capital and limited space, I was thinking go for an ok system, but get a receiver that is bluetooth capable, a sub for the trunk, and some bluetooth wireless speakers. That way when its parked, the sub can supply the base, and if i set the speakers like 20 or thirty feet around the car, it will spread the sound out and the base wont drown out the mid range and higher sounds. Plus it would be more like a componant system in your house instead of a boombox, with sound filling the air from multiple directions. Does this sound smart or not so much?