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    Dynamat sheets or spray?

    Hey guys... I have a hard decision here... I dont know wether to go with Xtreme sound deadening sheets for my car or go with the spray? or both? I have a 96 cutlass supreme and it raddles like a Mutha!! and lots of road noise. any sugestions?


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    i remember this delima... when i had my 89 blazer i gutted the entire interior and lined and lined the whole floorboard, luggage area, adn roof with dampening sheets, then in all the awkward places (tailgate, kicks, doors, etc... i used liquid dampening. it worked pretty good ...later

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    Thanx man that is a thought... anyone else have any ideas?? I cant do any of this stuff yet cuz I am in minnesota and it is like 0 degrees outside and it is recommended that it has to be room tempture so... closer to spring I am gonna do this just need the in put... well to go with sheets or spray or even both....

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    Hello,<br /> Use both. You would want to user the sheets for the floor boards and trunk of your car. That alone will eliminate a lot of your road noise. I'd use the spray on the door panels and areas where it's hard to have the sheets stay in place and are very curvy. The floor panels and trunk interior will be ideal to use sheets since they're generally flat and you can lay the shetts firmly in place.

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    How long does both of the dynamat stuff dry? it pretty cold up here now so I am sure it would be a while... just wondering

    prolly going to use the sheets for the floor and most of the trunk and the spray for the trunk lid, doors and back shelf... sound good?

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    If you have alot of road noise through the floor of the car. Try using some regular house hold carpet padding. Pull your carpet up and put a layer of the padding underneath. You will be surprised at how effective it is at killing road noise. As for the rattles. The sheets work better. THe sheets add mass to the rattling panel which stops the rattling. Check out <a href="" target="_blank"></a> They have a product called brown bread. It works as good as dynamat for about half the price.

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    Re: Dynamat sheets or spray?

    Have any of you guys ever heard of a product called Quiet Coat. If so, have you used it? Were the results about what you expected...compared to Dynamat and other "vibartion dampening" products?



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