Just got a 99 Dodge Ram 3500 van, 15-passenger. It's going to be used as a family van, and I want to put in new fronts and rears, and add a pair about 1/2 way down the back, and put in a real basic HU. I haven't done much with car audio in a while so I am interested in recommendations for speakers. I am planning to add the center row by creating custom fiberglass enclosures along the molding at the top. The HU will only be there to plug in an iPhone and bridge to the speakers. I'd be planning to use small amps for the speakers. Can anyone recommend speakers that are small, decent dynamic range? I'm planning on coax but could go component. How about a head unit? I'd consider adding a small sub if needed. Also, how about amps, I'd like to be able to fade from controls on the HU?