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    Pioneer TS-SW3001S4

    Hello All,

    I have one TS-SW3001S4 12" Pioneer Sub and a Kenwood KAC9105-D Amp

    I built a box to fit under the seat of a 97 Extended Cab F-150 which doesn't give you much room to begin with. I hooked everything up, set the amp to about 40% input gain and about 40% Bass boost and it blew the pioneer sub in about 20 minutes. I mean literally smoking blown...

    I have a few questions.

    The Kenwood states 500W RMS at 4ohms and the Pioneer is rated at 400W RMS @ 4ohms, there is no way I was kicking out 500W RMS at 40% Gains on the amp was there?

    The Kenwood amp has 4 terminals on it but is labeled as a mono (Single channel) amp, which terminals should be used?

    Also, I don't know if the design of the box has much to do with it, but my clearance on the inside of the box (sealed) to the bottom of the subwoofer is very tight, is there a typical recommended clearance? (I am already maxed out with 3/4" MDF and the constraints of the back seat on the F-150.) The enclosure is .65 cubic feet sealed which is recommended.

    I just ordered another sub hoping it was just a factory defect, but would like a little clarification before I hook it up again.


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    Re: Pioneer TS-SW3001S4

    You'll have to lift the rear seats and build a deeper box. The sub needs around an inch of clearance for air to circulate.

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    Re: Pioneer TS-SW3001S4

    Try not to use bass boost, if you have access to an oscilloscope and a digital multi-meter, set your gains with that and not by ear.

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    Re: Pioneer TS-SW3001S4

    40% bass boost didn't help either

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