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  1. Need opinions on setup I am looking to purchase.

    I have a 2001 Honda Accord V6 Sedan (EX). It has the tweeters in the dashboard. I have been out of the car audio game for over 13 years so I'm sure things have changed so I need you all's opinions.

    Here is the equipment I am looking into:

    Head Unit: Kenwood DDX790
    Front Speakers: Focal K2 Power 130KR OR Focal Integration 165 VRS
    Rear Speakers: ??? Maybe Focal 6x9s?
    Amp: JL Audio XD700/5 or Focal FPP 5300
    Subwoofer: JL Audio CP212-W0v3

    For the front speakers, the K2's are 5 1/4 while the others are 6 1/2. Would the bigger speakers produce that much more sound? Have any of you heard both these speakers, and if so, which do you think sounded better?

    The Amp I want will run the speakers. I may get a dedicated sub amp down the road. But for now, I am getting the head unit and front speakers first.

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    Re: Need opinions on setup I am looking to purchase.

    I have no experience with those speakers but you'll get better midbass response from a 6.5 than a 5.25. You might not notice it being much louder but the frequency response will make a difference.

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    Re: Need opinions on setup I am looking to purchase.

    don't put 6x9 and a sub in the same system, spend a little extra on your front speakers and go for the bigger option

  4. Re: Need opinions on setup I am looking to purchase.

    Thanks guys! I went and listened to both today at local store. I'm going to get the yellow pair. The other pair sounds louder in the mids for some reason but they weren't as smooth or clear as the yellow pair.

    Also, since you guys say don't do 6 by 9's in the back, I was looking at the Focal W mids @ 6.5 to mount in the rear. Has anyone heard those?

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