Hello again,

Received some timely advice from this site about my initial concept and am now trying to follow that advice by abandoning my plan of sticking with my stock stereo. I just received my 2 12" ported Fox Acoustic Box and am awaiting delivery of 2 12" Alpine type R (dual voice coil 2 ohm) subwoofers. I am still shopping for an amp and am now shopping for a DD Head unit. I have a 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab and currently everything is stock. I received a recommendation from Mr. Fox about the Alpine type "R"'s with an associated amp recommendation of a JL Audio JX1200. I could only find a JX1000 or an HD1200 from JL audio and am having a hard time with the price tag of the HD1200. I would like to stay in the $500 to $700 neighborhood for the amp and head unit and have read so many reviews with so many drastically varying opinions, I can't tell which way is up. Is the JX1000 better than the HD750 (which are comparable in price), should I be looking in another direction? I want a head unit that fits where the stock one is now and listen to an iPod 80% of the time.

Thanks again for any assistance!