I've recently gotten a Mazda CX-5 Sport and am planning an audio install. I have a Pioneer FH-P800BT that was in one of my previous vehicles to use as an HU for the time being. I don't really have anywhere to go listen to speakers to see what I like so all of my research is done from the internet and other peoples experience and taste. I want to put a decent component set in the front and matching coaxials in the rear.
Looking at Alpine SPR-60C and Alpine SPR-60
Polk Audio MM6501 and Polk Audio MM651
Powered by a Precision Power PPI P900.4
I have one Infinity Kappa Perfect 12.1 12" 4-ohm subwoofer that I want to build a custom fiberglas enclosure to fit behind one of the rear fender humps.
Powered by a Precision Power PPI P1000.1
I also plan to install NVX SDBP40 40 ft Bulk Pack (Entire Car) kit to dampen the doors and rear cargo area.
Does anyone have any other suggestions or tips as far as equipment goes? With those amps should I do a big 3 upgrade and battery upgrade? I was also wondering if it is better to use a distribution block for multiple amps or for them to have their own dedicated power cable and fuse.

I'm looking for feed back on hardware selection and/or ideas for the install.
I'm very open minded and the above equipment is what I feel like I can get the most out of for my money, but I am in no way familiar with these products.

I tried to include links to all the above products, but was denied access.