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Reload Thread: Should I tunr my amp the rest of the way up in power?

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    Should I tunr my amp the rest of the way up in power?

    I have an Alpine 700 watt class D amp pushing two 10inch Rockford Fosgate P2 PUNCH subs. I have a low pass X-Over hooked up the the amp. Should i turn the power the rest of the way up?I have just over 3/4 of the way for the power and the gain, and the subs dont show any sign of distorting. (i dont remember if i made a post of the same sort or not so ill make this one again). I was just wondering. Thanks


    Ride: 2001 Ford Ranger
    Color: Red
    Head Unit: Kenwood 52x4
    Speaker Amp: JL Audio e4300
    Front Speakers: Kicker 4x6
    Rear Speakers: Stock
    Sub Amp: Bostwick 1100 (1100 RMS @ 1ohm)
    Subs : (2) Kicker CVR 15's
    Enclosure: 4.3 Cubes per chamber tuned o 32hz
    AudioControl - 145.9 dB
    TermLab Mic - 145.6, 146.0, 142.5(mic was messed up)

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    Re: Should I tunr my amp the rest of the way up in power?

    I would say No. But it all depends on what preamp voltage your amp is rated for and how much preamp voltage it is receiving from the headunit or crossover (if it is an electronic crossover with preamp outs on it).

    My headunit puts out a max of 6v so my amps dont get turned up very much, maybe a 1/4 of the way at the most depending on the amp.

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    Re: Should I tunr my amp the rest of the way up in power?

    turn the amp up until it starts to distort, then turn it down a notch, if it dosent distort at all then i guess its ok to turn it all the way up, peace


    98 Blazer 4x4

    HU: Crappy Sony
    Speakers: Stock
    Sub amp: ****** Soundstorm 500.2
    Subs: 2 JL W0 15s
    Box: 4.8 Cubes sealed

    hit 144.0 on AC mic with this setup that only costed 100 bucks, not bad

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