Greetings, and TIA for your feedback.

I've been away from the game for awhile...gave my 1990 Toyota p/u truck to my brother which had a fairly nice system that I now miss very much (QTY 2 12" JL subs, Infinity and Polk spkrs, Pioneer, Rockford and ADS amps.)

I really miss the JL subs and am beginning to investigate the possibilities of modifying the midgate and locating a sealed box in the bed which would fire into the cab. I looked at the W7 12 and 13.5 inch subs...someone suggested to me the 13.5 is overkill, and a better option is the 12, which would be less boomy. If I am not conceding anything on the 13.5, I am inclined to go larger, as I am not space constrained. I really want tight, punchy bass though...I listen to all types of music.
I also looked at Hertz 6.5 inch components, and am debating in my head which amps to look at next. Installer I am working with is suggesting Alpine PDX? I am wondering if JL amps are better?

Now I realize there will be a big difference of opinion on whether I am looking at over priced name brands...I just know from experience I LOVED my last pair of JL's. I am open to consider alternative components and amps...just so long as they are clean and of the highest quality. I would rather buy the best than be dissatisfied with lesser caliber gear. Since I don't have kids, I don't have to save for their college tuition.