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    First Time With Car Audio

    This is my first time dealing with any type of car audio systems and I am in need of some help. I am trying to put a new head unit in my car along with 2 subs. I am wondering what all I will need and if the components I have picked out are good and will work together. I have a budget of $1000. I have a list of all the components that I have picked out for the whole system. Add an "h" to the beginning of each link.

    Head Unit - ttp://

    Subwoofer (2) - ttp://

    Amp - ttp:// =1-5&keywords=pioneer+amplifier#productDetails

    Box - ttp://

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    Re: First Time With Car Audio to @mylows10 ;

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    Re: First Time With Car Audio

    Don't waste your money on a pre-made box, build one or have one built for you... Kicker comps are weaksauce, I'd look for better subs... Pioneer TS-W3002's are way better for that price range (CHEAP on ebay BNIB), or spend a bit more and get some B Stock Sundown SA's for around $159 ea... Incriminator Audio, Obsidian, or AQ (soundqubed) & DC are all good places to look into subs too...

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    Re: First Time With Car Audio

    Op if you like I can help you. I only sell new equipment full warranty and shipped to your door and even an installer in some cases please don't go to best buy there is so much better for what your trying to spend. Just need a few questions answered first. What car. Goals and do you have anything yet. Answer all 3 and I can show you some equipment and give prices if needed

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