last year i bought a 2000 saab 95 that came equip with the harmon kardon 9 speaker premium system... at the time i bought it i knew one day i would like to put a custom audio sound system in it. I made it almost a year with liking the premium stock sound system but now I would like to change it because my wife and I both LOVE aftermarket sound systems

for starters I guess ill say my budget is around $1000 but it could go a little higher or lower idc

below are the speaker sizes for the AS3 harmon kardon premium sound system
Dash speakers x3 = 2.5"
Front doors = 6.5"
Rear doors = 2.5"
Rear shelf = 6x9"

I am a big fan of alpine products so i was thinking of doing a full alpine install

I was thinking on alpine type r 6.5 components for the front mounting the tweeters in the left and right dash speaker spots and the mid range woofer in the front doors---I havnt decided if i should put a center channel in the center dash speaker or leave in blank... I never understood the need for a center channel so for now I would leave in blank unless someone else can convince me otherwise
for the rear doors i thought about putting in alpine typr r 5.25 components but only use the midrange woofers and not install the tweeters. I have these laying around but I am not sure if i can make them fit because it says the rear door speaker sizes on the stock are 2.5" but doing further research if you got either the as1 or as2 sound package for a saab 95 in those model years you got equipped with 4" speakers in the back... if the 5.25 woofers wont fit I think I will get alpine type s 4" speakers
for the back I was going to install alpine type r 6x9's
as for the subs I was thinking either one 10 inch type r or the slimmer model type r... would like to do at least 2 subs but i also need to be able to fit a stroller in the back from time to time... might even put in a focal 33v2 i have laying around because I never even got to use it

1st amp would be an alpine mrx v60 that i have laying around
2nd amp for the subs would be a alpine pdx-m6 i have laying around
3rd amp I would need for the type r's idk prob a 2channel alpine amp or 4 channel if i use a center speaker

headunit I have an alpine w407 double din laying around so i would probably use that or end up getting some other alpine double din headunit

all wiring is going to be from what I have laying around most of it are kicker wires from there kits

I've put aftermarket sound systems in for friends and myself before so I know how to do it but I have never done it on a saab 95 before so im hoping someone has any guidance or caution to take when i am taking on this project

also if you think I sound go with other speakers/amps/subs etc. than i have listed feel free to let me know I appreciate anybodys feedback on what I should get and put in