ok so im anxious for my ab vfl 750.1 to get here (wed) also my second alt is gonna be added (wed) so ill have 2 240 amp alts 1 xs d3400 in front 4 cnd 400 mr in the back..

i have birch box tuned to 35hz with 4 splx hx 15s d2 (1250) rms each running at 1 ohm they took my bc 5500 at one like a champ barley moved! so i figure box rise aswell as not enough juice was the culprit..

i have a box builder or wall builder interested in trying to do a good wall or huge box for my next subs ill either add 4 more an be under powering them again but more cone area an motor force will most likley give me the sound i want..

or i can buy 8 lower rms wattage subs an sell these what would u do?