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    replacing stock sub/amp

    I have a 04 ford f150 with a stock 8" sub and amp in an enclosure that also came stock under my rear seat. I want to take the stock the sub and amp out and reuse the enclosure with an aftermarket sub and amp.I have a couple questions reguarding the amp. I plan on putting component speakers in my front doors but not at this time so will a 4 channel amp power an 8" sub, and the door speakers? (I also have an alpine headunit) or do I have to get a 5 channel? Any suggestions for a 8" sub? I'm not trying to break the bank with this either FYI

    Also what are the basics to matching up a sub and an amp

    I have no idea about all this so any input and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    Re: replacing stock sub/amp

    You can use a good 4 channel amp, your basic 50X4 amp with the rear channels bridge will deliver about 150 watts at 4 ohms, your sub should be 4 ohms too or you could fry your amp. The Hu can drive the rear speakers. Most entry to mid level 8 inch subs from known companies like JBL, Infinity, Polk, Kicker etc handle 200-250W, 150 watts should be enough to drive it, unless the sub is inefficient with a sensitivity below 87db spl in that case you may need more power.

    I would not put a very expensive sub or a sub handling more than 250W in an existing factory enclosure, it may not work. And if the enclosure is plastic or it was driven by less that 50W RMS chances are it will not give you good results adding a 200w rms sub and driving it with more than 100watts rms. I would look for a sub from a good manufacturer that handles 150-250 watts that has an sensitivity spl above 89db, the higher the better, very few go above 91db.

    I would only go with a 5 channel amp if you had the room and you really want to power the rear speakers with an amp, I would avoid it just because things get more complicated and expensive when you you start adding power to more speakers, since you may get more rattles and setting and dialing it gets more complex, besides the fact that rear speakers just fill the rear cabin and the ones sitting in the front will not quite hear them well since they point usually below knee level.

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