I am building a sealed sub box for a Rockford Fosgate power t2 15 inch sub. I went on their website and got the external box dimensions recommend for max performance of this sub. I did the math and got the right cut dimensions down and just cut the mdf yesterday using a table saw and all the dimensions were exact. I went to the store and bought the best stuff to put this box together; titebond 3 wood glue, the best silicone caulk I could find, special mdf screws made by spax, the best all surface enamel paint and primer by sherwin Williams, and some clamps to hold the box tight while the glue is drying. Now my problem is that I'm not sure if this sub box will hold up to the t2's power, I've done some reading and a lot of people talk about bracing and doubling up the front or all the sides of the box to make it 1.5 inches thick so there is less box flex which means loss of energy and sound. Less flex = better sound. So I am wondering if I use 3/4 mdf will it be thick enough or strong enough to not flex or do you think I should double up the sides? Keep in mind this is a 2 cubic feet sealed box exactly to Rockford's dimensions and they said to use 3/4 mdf and did not mention bracing or doubling up the sides. Please help! *also after I'm done sanding, priming, and painting the box I want to put a spray clear coat of either rustoleum clear enamel, rustoleum clear polyurethane, or spray max 2k clear coat. Will the clear coat make the box shinier or ruin the paint? I am using sherwin Williams all surface enamel primer and paint.