I just purchased a boat (95 cobalt with 120 hours!), and the first thing i noticed was the paper cone speakers and HU without a faceplate... so it's time for an overhaul! I am not going crazy with it as i am sharing it with the parents etc. so would like to keep the budget under $275.

Below is a list of what we are dealing with:

HU: Non Existent (old Cassette player w/ missing face)
Speakers: (4) 6.5" Paper Sony's
Batteries: (2) RV Deep Cycle 550CA batteries

My needs are it needs to handle a little abuse, and sound crisp and clear, some warmth would be awesome (thinkin about putting in a sub but not sure on location). I want a good cheap HU that can charge my iphone and able to play Spotify, Pandora, and music on my phone.

Amp, PLENTY of spaces to mount on a boat, lots of room for wiring etc, is an Amp probably a good idea?

My other question is the batteries, only one of them works, and looks like they are pretty old. How would a good car audio survive here? It will probably get wet, is that ok? They are only 550 CA, so i think i want a little electric security there. Batteries are NOT included in the original budget.

Would love to hear people's opinions on setup/approach on this as i have never done a Marine install. A Marine HU isn't really necessary since its an enclosed location, correct?

Let me know if you have any questions i will be checking this frequently.


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