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Reload Thread: Got a problem , any idea ? (**** draw inside )

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    Re: Got a problem , any idea ? (**** draw inside )

    Sounds like the coil on the sub may be damaged from the clipping. To set gain you play a test tone an then check for AC voltage at the speaker terminals. In your case I would rewire to 1 ohm to be sure the amp isn't clipping. The you take your desired power (700) multiples by your ohm load(1) then the square root of that number. So the square root of 700 is how many AC volts you want to see.

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    Re: Got a problem , any idea ? (**** draw inside )

    By the way, head unit volume at 80 percent and no bass boosts our eq when setting gains.
    Litten to your speakers when you test with the tone, it could clip before making rated power.

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    Re: Got a problem , any idea ? (**** draw inside )

    Quote Originally Posted by h2h0e View Post
    wire was fine , ive try to switch sub and reconnect but the same sub is getting hot, even if i switch subs connection and place in the box , i guess ill wait my ordered dmm
    Again.... if the subs are identical and only one is getting hot, there's something different between them. Either they're not wired the same or one of them has issues.

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