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    DIY deadener?

    Saw a thread where a guy bought the materials used in deadener elsewhere than these "deadener dealers" and he was able to achieve what he wanted.

    From what I can tel all you need is some closed cell foam and cld tiles. That would be cheaper than buying a package deal somewhere.

    Anyone got some links to the material
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    Worst advice ever

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    Re: DIY deadener?

    One of the most over looked things is 25% coverage on flat surfaces. Any more than that and you are tossing money out the window wasting product. Curved or braced surfaces are less likely to vibrate. Clean the surface with alcohol and let it dry. Roll on with a roller. Cant get any easier.

    Another thing that nobody mentions is how deadener works.

    Deadener works in 2 ways. First is the butyl adhesive layer. As vibrations hit the adhesive, the adhesive contracts and expands converting said energy into heat. The heat is then dissipated through the aluminum layer. If the adhesive is not butyl its useless. Peel N Seal is the number 1 recommendation for people on a budget. Its junk and doesnt work because the adhesive layer is asphalt based. It cant expand properly to convert vibration energy into heat.

    Second way is by mass loading a panel and lowering resonant frequency.

    Deadener does not reduce road noise. Mass loaded vinyl does.

    To get the full benefit from deadener you must use MLV (mass loaded vinyl) and CCF (closed cell foam) to decouple panels.

    Deadener and CLD tiles are essentially the same thing. CLD tiles are usually just thicker and smaller variations of the same thing.

    If anyone recommends Peal N Seal or something you can pick up at Lowes, Home Depot, Menards, etc. You should completely disregard everything they say because they are idiots.

    Second Skin Audio and Sound Deadener Showdown make the top quality products on the market. They both offer the full line of items to do a proper deadening treatment. I use Second Skin personally. Alot of people will recommend Audio Technix for bang for your buck deadener. Then you will need a place to pick up some Closed Cell Foam. AT only deals with deadener. Picking up your materials to make your own deadener is a stupid idea. Alot of science and trial goes into making the perfect deadener. There is no way you will ever get the formula right the first time effectively wasting your money. FAQ's TOS Agreement
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