Ive been on a while now, but I've been out of the loop for a while. Mainly due to life and military life. I have a setup for my truck, I've got 4 sundown audio E8's a hifonics amp and a sundown audio amp, along with a alpine HU, blah blah. but I'm wanting something for my 2000 toyota Camry. Im leaning towards 12's maybe 2 or a trio of them. Or maybe 1 15. I wouldn't mind some old school stuff but i know they are hard to come by. Heres what I've come up with

2000 toyota camry 4 door with decent trunk space. Looking to get maybe 1200 watts rms out of a good setup. Havent thought about buying a headunit because i want the stock look. I dont want anyone knowing i have a stereo system because my windows are not tinted.

Sub choices

Re audio (not sure what to get here)

mojo's (if i can find one)

Maybe the SA models

Anyone got any other subwoofers they want to suggest?

Amp choices

Memphis belle

Some old hifonics vIII amps

Maybe another sundown amp

Any other amps to suggest?

Now i didnt get a chance to hook up my stereo system in my truck because i went to basic and now im in germany for the army but i guess its nice to look at the parts lol. Anyway any help would be great. Just want something that hits hard.