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Reload Thread: Annoying rattle from overhead light

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    Annoying rattle from overhead light

    So recently I've been getting this obnoxious rattle from the overhead light/sunglass holder setup.
    I finally pieced together a nice SQL setup and now this is driving me insane.
    Does anyone have any ways to cleanly fix this? Its a fairly new Infiniti and don't want to start drilling screws in to it to keep it in place or ghetto fixing it by stuffing some paper in it.
    For whats it worth, when I push up on the piece, it stops the rattling.

    Top left/right picture shows example of what it looks like.

    Subwoofers: 12" Soundsplinter RL-p
    Amp: Hertz EP1D
    Enclosure: 2 Cubes @ 32hz
    Refs: dropped_mazda, muffinman944, KCha, pioneerpimp, Looney_Tune, Ion SQL, IamMurph, stevexyz, dsmw, waccord99, snb778s

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    Re: Annoying rattle from overhead light

    is it just the plastic? if it is its worn and some type of felt around the edges or possible pull the whole unit down and see where the plastic on plastic is rubbing

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