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Reload Thread: Ideas for rear deck "blow through" cover

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    Ideas for rear deck "blow through" cover

    Well a couple years ago I thought it was a brilliant idea to cut a 10"x24" hole in my rear deck panel to acompany the 10"x 30" hole in my rear deck metal. I've made a carpeted grillish type panel to cover said hole and i've also recapeted the whole thing in one pcs. The color of the "grill" carpet I made didn't match my int color and the whole recarpet ended up sagging. I'm just way to **** to put up with that. This last summer I raped a parts car and got tons of **** including a new unmolested rear deck which I plan to keep that way.

    Anyways, the old deck had god know how much spray adhesive on it. I was planning on recarpeting it with an acceptable color but thought I'd try seeing what I could do to save it w/o spending any money. Turns out "Tuff Stuff" carpet cleaner removes adhesive..:clap2:Now I just have to come up with a good looking nuetral type of grill that isn't carpet based. I'm thinking something along the lines of a thick/sturdy wire mesh of sorts conformed to the holes diameter.

    I need creative suggestions.



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    Re: Ideas for rear deck "blow through" cover

    go on....

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    Re: Ideas for rear deck "blow through" cover

    Dude just cut a piece of wood to go in there, bondo/fiberglass/woodglue it on, sand it down, carpet over it.

    Or are you still running a blowthrough through there? If so, either just flare out the edges and leave it open or get whatever type of metal grill looks best to you. Your choice on whether you carpeted over that or not.

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    Re: Ideas for rear deck "blow through" cover

    clean up the opening so it's uniform and roundover the top and do speakergrill cloth on the backside. If you don't need to use it then as mentioned fill in with a piece of wood and some kitty hair...

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