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Reload Thread: Need serious advice on a new system.

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    Need serious advice on a new system.

    Hi all I am a newb here and I have a hummer h2. It has a factory 11 speaker bose system. Its sounds ok a bit worn out from previous owner and it has no sat radio. So i made the mistake of ordering a sat radio and a gmos 100 harness and I installed it. Sounds even worse and I hate the head unit i purchased. What I want to do is either install a system or have one installed that is a bit louder and crisper than the factory unit but I would like to retain the stock speaker placements as much as possible. I am not into any super heavy bass just a slightly louder crisper sound and a very slight increase in base. I have no idea where to start all the information and systems out there are overwhelming. And if someone could steer me in the right direction on where to start. I have been thinking about going to the local installer which is a cartronix store and they have some good reviews but somehow going in there green like I am that they will take advantage of me. Any help would be appreciated. I am a super newb and not afraid to admit I know nothing.

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    Re: Need serious advice on a new system.

    Honestly, the factory Bose systems and such are a pain to deal with. They generally have amps that need to be disconnected or bypassed somehow and the wiring is usually done some funky way. But I think you'd be happy with a set of components (separate tweeter and woofer) for the front, a set of coaxial (6x9 if they would fit) for the rear, and 4 channel amp to give them some decent power.

    What head unit do you have right now that you dont like, and why dont you like it? What features do you want in the head unit?

    Final question, what is your budget?

    EDIT: I wouldnt plan on still being able to use all 11 speaker positions. Also, 11 speakers arent really needed if you get 4 that can take a good amount of power and put them on a good amp.

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    Re: Need serious advice on a new system.

    The after market harness is usually always pricey for em too...

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