I have an Eclipse head unit and an IPC-106 iPod adapter. I am unable to fast forward tracks with it, only change to the next track. Even though it sounds good, it is not as good as the Eclipse CD player sound quality or possibly an aux input.

I wanted to see about using an AUX input option but then I would loose all available controls from the head unit to the iPod. And.. I do NOT want to try changing tracks on the iPod touch screen while driving of course. Is there an adapter that plugs into the iPod dock port that will allow you to control all the track changes, fast forward, stop, pause - etc?

I only store music in WAV format on my iPod. I know my music. I don't need to see it on a display or anything special BUT I do need to be able to control it. The setup i have does not work. Only if I use the CD and I'm frankly SICK of cd's falling all over my car.