Hey guys so I've been lurking around this forum looking at different reviews and doing some research and comparisons on what I should put into my car. I'm trying to steer more towards a SQ build than a SPL build, nothing competition grade, I just like great sounding music. I'm pretty sure my budget of $1000 should be able to get me something I'll enjoy. I drive a 2001 Dodge Neon, but am probably getting a new car within the next year so I'm not sure if I want to deaden the doors as I feel that would be a waste. Anyways.. This is what I'm looking at so far, I've found pretty much the lowest prices on these so let me know what you think/recommend over them.

[TL : DR] -
Car: 2001 Dodge Neon
Budget: $1000 (Might go $1200)
Punchy/Boomy Bass: Punchy

Dash Speakers: JL Audio C2-350x - $58
Front Stage: JL Audio C5 - $300 or Alpine SPR-60C- $143
Rear Fill: Stock - $0 or Alpine SPR69 - $105
HeadUnit: Kendwood KDC-X396 - $46
Amplifier: Alpine PDX F-4 $300
Subwoofer: JL Audio W3 W/ Enclosure - $250 (10" or 12"?)
Amplifier: Alpine MRP-M500 - $50