Hey guys, I just got done wiring up a pair of components in the front and a sub in the back.

Components= ID CTX65cs (using passive crossovers that came with set)
Comp. amp = Arc Audio FD2200

Sub = Fi 10" SSD sealed
Sub amp = Kicker 600.1

Right now, all gains and bass boosts are on their lowest setting. The comp amp has a crossover option for "low, high, or full". I currently have it set to "high" and at ~80Hz (hard to tell exactly).

I have the crossover on the sub amp set to ~80Hz and have the "remote bass" set to ~85%.

The headunit EQ is set to "flat". There is some option for a sub crossover point in the headunit but I am not sure how it works in combo with the amps.

Question 1: What frequencies and db of sine waves should I use to set my gains on this system by ear?

Question 2: Where is the best place to acquire or make test tones?

Question 3: Where did I mess up? This is my first attempt with an audio system, so I appreciate experienced eyes looking things over.