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Reload Thread: Werid problem I can't figure out..

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    Re: Werid problem I can't figure out..

    Quote Originally Posted by IonRL205 View Post
    The problem I'm having is it seems like my system doesn't play loud around tuning, but plays loud for the low notes and the high notes, but not in between..some info on what I"m running.

    Two kicker solo x 12s
    APSM 1500 (lulz)
    6.2 cubes @ 34 hz

    It plays 30 hz and below loud, and like 43 Hz and up loud, but in between just doesn't have much output, just not sure why there is a dead spot there.

    The subs are in the back seat area with subs and port facing front of the car. It isn't completey sealed off from the trunk, which could be a cause of the issue. The amp could just be a total pos and be the reason for this, but I don't have another amp to test it with. Only other thing I can think of is it could be a signal/RCA issue.

    Anybody else had this problem/seen this problem?
    Probably the issue right there. No diff then doing a wall and not sealing it off. Some vehicles it makes a BIG diff. Seal it off and see what happens.

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    Re: Werid problem I can't figure out..

    I believe "dead spots" are usually the result of poor subwoofer placement, car accoustics, and incorrect box volume.

    My system still has the same dead spot after two amps and three firing positions were used.

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