Hey guys, recently bought a 2010 camaro, the stock boston accoustic system in it is god aweful ( to me anyways). It has a factory amp in the back and I have already purchased a harness to swap out the amps without cutting any wires. My buddys dad does SQ comps and he has been helping me with my choices and I am after SQ to try my hand in competitions.

ID CXS62 V2 Component set up front
ID CTX 6x9's in the back
ID Q450.4 for the tweets and rears
ID Q 700.2 for the mids

My truck does not have matching setup but I do like the idea of it even tho it may not be a "smart" choice. My next choice is as follows

HAT Unity 6.5 components up front
HAT Mirus 6x9's in the back
Leaning towards a Arc KS 300.4 or a Sundown 125.4

I will eventually add a Processor, have not decided on which one yet but I'm thinking H800. The truck opening is small but there seems to be plenty of room, my only concern is the fact that this is my first vehicle with the battery in the spare tire compartment under a cover. I might have to make something to make this easily accessible should I have to.

The ID setup is only slightly more expensive, my only concern with that setup is me only having access to the products made after Eric's time. I will be deadening the car, tho not to the extreme of ripping everything out and covering every inch. I know rear fill seems to be hated, or it is over on diyma but I left rear out of my truck and hate it. With all that being said which one is looking like the better one to go with?