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Reload Thread: long time reader first time poster...i need help with my 04 silverado

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    long time reader first time poster...i need help with my 04 silverado

    I have a 04 single cab silverado with plans of installing 2 jl audio w7s 10s being pushed with a kicker 1500.1. I also have a kicker 850.4 can anybody recommend a set of 6 3/4 components that will match up? Also what can i do about the 4x6 in the rear panel? Are components even worth it at that size? Should i just dedicate it to midrange? Possible can i slice it up to achieve a larger speaker size? Also keep in mind they have to be able to handle the 850.4 also i have a decent budget at least 500 to throw maybe a little bit more.

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    Re: long time reader first time poster...i need help with my 04 silverado

    I bet you could get 5x7s in the rear pillars pretty easily, I would get a component set and mount the tweeters somewhere in the front, possibly the pillars. That kicker is about 200 rms at 4 ohms so there's not many speakers that will handle that much power but you could always turn down the gains.

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    Re: long time reader first time poster...i need help with my 04 silverado

    For your components id highly recommend rainbow slcs. 6.5's will work on this vehicle. You can find them used/like new for 150 if you look. The thing about these truck is speaker direction, and the stock locations have the mids pointing directly at your knees. Many people install the tweeters on the windshield, which causes deflection. This enclosure solves that, and gives you very nice high/mid front stage sound, while you have bass in the back.

    Cadillac Chevrolet GMC Component Speaker Kick Panel [QL-K1012C] - $199.95 : Q-Logic Direct, Car Audio Speaker and Subwoofer Enclosures

    If you go that direction, you dont really want some 4x6's competing with your front stage imo. I was looking for a set of 4x6's that would be of similar quality to my rainbows and the closest I could find was boston acoustics which was not acceptable. With a decent amp on your components you probably wont need any more front stage.

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