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    Cold weather

    Hi All,
    NOw that I have put toether a pretty good budget system with two amps and a subwoofer and upgraded all the stock speakers I wan to maintain this equipment for years to come. Living up here in Western New York Jan. and FEb are usually prettty cold. Now seeing temps in 20's and single digits at night. I was wondering if it is worth it to warm everything up prior to using it. I usually have a 20 minute commute to work and I usually let the system warm up ( play at low volume ) for 5 minutes or so and then I start cranking it. Is this acceptable? IF you wait until everthing warms up physically that could take a while in the cold. Probably the whole drive before everything is warmed up. Thx

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    Re: Cold weather

    Those who run super stiff subwoofers may say otherwise, but just take it easy on the volume for a couple of minutes and then listen however you prefer. When the speakers get really cold they won't sound the same as when the temperature outside is warm. It's been well below zero here for a few days and the music sounds pretty thin on the low end.

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    Re: Cold weather

    I too have a 20min commute to and from work. Anything below 25~ I don't bother turning it up full blast. On the way to work its usually in the teens and I'll have it up just enough to create some background noise. If its around freezing i'll play it med volume once the cars warmed up. For such a short commute it never really has a chance to warm up.

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    Re: Cold weather

    it has been below zero here. i let the car warm up a bit to minimize condensation concerns. i also prevent high volume listening since everything is more brittle and less flexible in cold temperatures.

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    Re: Cold weather

    single digits here in MI.

    I don't give a ****, when the car is on, system is on full blast.

    I also notice that in very cold weather, the bass gets LOUDER. I think it's because of the high humidity. The air is cold and thick.

    I do think about the effects of a hot circuit board and the cold air around it........oh well, DOOSH!! DOOSH!!!

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    Re: Cold weather

    Start your car to warm up and at same time turn column up to normal level and go back inside. After vehicle is warmed up and you leave, turn volumn up a few more levels. Heat on high and turn up more. Paying attention to the sound differences will teach you cold and warm sounding levels.

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