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Reload Thread: Cheaper HO ALT, alternative?

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    Cheaper HO ALT, alternative?

    Im sure this has been asked but I cant seem to find the right combination of words apparently for the search feature to give me what I want..

    What are the circumstances that must be present in order to carry my OEM alt to a "Starter, alternator rebuild shop" and have them turn it into a HO alt? Is this even feasible. Plan to call them on monday to see if it is doable but dont want to sound like a complete ******* lol.

    HeadUnit: sold Front Stage: 6.5 skar vxi65 + IA i65c + DB drive pro tweets Highs Amp: sold Sub Stage: all sold Sub Amp: sold Box: Wall @ ~30cu.ft. Electrical: 100ft 2/0 welding wire + 75ft 1/0 Audio Technix + 2 C&D 140's
    Deadener: 100sq.ft. Audio Technix 60mil

    References (sold, bought): Winkychevelle, SKARaudio x2, Patthehat033, Mazdakid, Ten_ton_bass, GAMEOVERCCA, Horsemanwill, Boomsday, Zellner, g6ryder x2, Moble Enclosurs (Box design), Goodstuff, Bread0710, dgaf, Cat Man, and many more (MAF, CACO, & ebay references available as well [110+ transactions])

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    Re: Cheaper HO ALT, alternative?

    Rewinds arent worth it ..only 200 a max and no tenney or mechman for the cheaper side of ho alts

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    Re: Cheaper HO ALT, alternative?

    Most rebuild shops will most likely charge you an arm and a leg and they just dont end up doing rated amps as quoted. You are better off buying a real HO alty and selling your factory to compensate the cost. Even the powewrmax alternators found on ebay are not that bad and are very cheap. I have used several of them along with other local people that I sold them too and we have all been very pleased with their output considering the price. Tenney would be your best option looking around. 250.00 and 350.00 depending on size.

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