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Reload Thread: Just installed my SA8V2's! Pics

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    Re: Just installed my SA8V2's! Pics

    210 at idle and clamped 280-290 at 1800rpm on the Tenny. My stock alt is 145 amp. The voltage didn't drop a nick while I was messing with the subs tonight. A little dimming of the interior lights but the voltage stayed above 14 on the gauge. Right now it is running a 1100w amp so not being pushed at hard as it would If i installed the 3500

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    Mids/Highs: Tantric HD
    Singer 320 Hairpin 6 phase

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    Re: Just installed my SA8V2's! Pics

    I like the box... Not gunna hear much difference when "broken in" though...

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    Re: Just installed my SA8V2's! Pics

    Dude those look great! And when you do all four.... That will be awesome!! What's even better is when you show someone there just little 8's! Lol

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    Re: Just installed my SA8V2's! Pics

    Awesome...wait until you get the other 2 subs.....that's a sweet box you must know an amazing builder....lmao

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