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Reload Thread: Gorilla Zoe - Echo slowed (anybody have it?)

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    Gorilla Zoe - Echo slowed (anybody have it?)

    Anybody have this song, but slowed? I dont want to do a youtube rip cause the quality is downright terrible

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    Re: Gorilla Zoe - Echo slowed (anybody have it?)

    Youtube sucks

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    Re: Gorilla Zoe - Echo slowed (anybody have it?)

    I do but, there is nothing special about it. The bass is low but, the rhythm just makes it not worth while.

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    Re: Gorilla Zoe - Echo slowed (anybody have it?)

    Bro get audacity 1.3 buy the song and slow it yourself I could even walk you through it.. Thats the best sound quality that you can possibly get. By the way the software is free! No joke google it and get back to me..

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