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Reload Thread: input sensitivity setting mistakes on JL XD600/1

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    Icon32 input sensitivity setting mistakes on JL XD600/1

    Hi, this is question/post about some mistakes that I've made setting gain on my JL monoamp. This is my first aftermarket car audio system, which means I'm a complete newb, so please bare with my ignorance while I catch up to speed. I'm using a Pioneer headunit, JL XD600/1 monoamp, JL 10w3v3-4ohm subwoofer, everything was self-installed.

    I followed JL's input sensitivity procedure to set the desired output of 40v at 4ohm. I turned OFF all processing/eq/bassboost/loudness, set HU volume to 30 (range 0-40), set HU subwoofer level to 4 (range -15-6), played the 50hz tone, while adjusting the gain screw until my DMM read 40v AC. I was happy with the results and put the cover back on my amp.

    Then I turned on EQ, set Loudness to MID, but did not realize that I will need to readjust (downward) the gain. I listened to my system this way for about 2 days, and then decided to check the voltage while playing a 50hz tone at my highest listening volume of 22, (range 0-40). The output voltage was 51v, the recommended is 40v. What is the likelihood that this caused damage to my amp/sub?

    Since then I've decided to disable loudness, and repeated JL's procedure with EQ on, so now my gain is set correctly.

    Thank you

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    Re: input sensitivity setting mistakes on JL XD600/1

    If it had damaged anything things would have stopped running properly. You are probably fine.There has to be a kind of perfect storm to blow things. Overly aggressive settings won't necessarily do it by themselves if you don't actually blast it for extended periods of time.

    Re: whats some good components?

    Originally Posted by deathpenalty18
    Not an sq set up just want good sq speakers and tweets not interested in mids! And my sub is a fcking ia dp 18 with a memphis 4kw

    Originally Posted by x1le
    mids ARE speakers.

    A component set = pair of midwoofer's and a pair of tweeter's

    and nobody cares what your sub is.

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