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Reload Thread: Talk to be about what cables/wires I need for the job

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    Icon33 Talk to be about what cables/wires I need for the job

    I'm looking to install the following in my car:

    ARC AUDIO FD4150
    IDQ12V2 D2 sub
    processor (not sure which one)

    I just got a 20% coupon to use with Monoprice and I want to buy my cables now before the coupon expires, only question is which ones should I get and how many feet? I think any processor I purchase can be installed in the trunk correct? Here is what I am thinking (by the way the car is a Buick Verano, same size as the Chevy Cruze):

    3 X 25ft Premium 2 RCA Plug/2 RCA Plug M/M 22AWG Cable - Black

    I can use these to connect the amp to the stock stereo correct or processor? I am not sure if the stock stereo has RCA plugs, if it does not how would I hook up the processor to it? Since I don't have the processor yet, what kind of cable do I need to hook up the aftermarket processor to the stock radio, I am buying the base model so it does not have BOSE stereo or any kind of amp.

    What length and gauge wires do I need for the speakers and sub? The speakers connect to the processor and not the stock stereo correct? Or do they connect to the processor and then the stereo? I am really confused about this and would like some clarification.

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    Re: Talk to be about what cables/wires I need for the job

    All I saw was a web site full of cheap home audio shtuff. You would be better off with Amazon or Sonicelectronics. I bought 6m 4 channel Monster RCA for $25 shipped. They didn't have that bulky chunk of plastic where the 4 cables branch out of the main cable, make it easier to thread through your dash. You will need LOC's for your stock stereo to RCA cable connection . I looked at your equipment and am baffled, speakers do not match the quality of rest of your system. Take the money your spending on the Rainbows($700?) and buy a good HU($350), decent speakers($350) and nix the processor. I would run 14 awg cca or 16 awg ofc speaker wire. Your system will not have the power or quality of signal the these speakers need to sound as good as they can for the price you pay. Disclaimer: opinion/suggestion only, may/or may not be correct.

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